Treadmill Workouts:

Here are a few of my favorite treadmill HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts!

Treadmill Workout #1

0-5min: walk at 4mph

5-5:30min: run at 8mph

5:30-6min: walk at 4mph

6-6:30min: run at 8.5mph

6:30-8min: walk at 4mph

8-8:30 min: run at 9mph

8:30-10min: walk at 4mph

10-10:30min: run at 9.5mph

10:30-12min: walk at 4mph

12-12:30min: run at 10mph

12:30-14min: walk at 4mph

14-14:30min: run at 9.5mph

14:30-16min: walk at 4mph

16-16:30min: run at 9mph

16:30-18min: walk at 4mph

18-18:30min: run at 8.5mph

18:30-20min: walk at 4mph

20-20.30min: run at 8mph

20:30-25min: walk at 4mph

*As you get stronger, you can run for 45 seconds and even a minute. You can even go past 10mph as your peak speed


Treadmill Workout #2: Two Speed Workout

*Pick your slow and fast speeds. I usually do 4mph and 10mph (9mph if I’m feeling slow)

  1. Walk/run at your slow speed for 5mins
  2. Run at your high speed for 30 seconds
  3. Rest at your slow speed for 1:30
  4. Repeat 6-8 times

*As you get stronger, increase your high and low speeds, along with your high speed run time