Nut Free Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

nut free paleo chocolate chip cookies

There is nothing better than warm, ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven, am I right?  For the past two years on my healing journey, I have tried at least a dozen different recipes for paleo chocolate chip cookies.  Some are dry, too cake-like, or do not taste good the next day. […]

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Healthy Whole30 Approved Birthday Cake

Do you have a birthday coming up, but you are on a restricted diet? Maybe you do not want to halt your weight loss journey.  Perhaps you are one of the strange people who does not like cake.  Well this gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, AIP, paleo, SCD, Whole30 approved, healthy birthday cake […]

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AIP Red White & Blueberry Ice Cream

aip red white & blueberry ice cream

Avoiding gluten, dairy, and refined sugar does not mean you have to sacrifice a sweet treat on this Fourth of July.  Even better, this treat is autoimmune paleo, specific carbohydrate diet, and paleo compliant.  If you are looking for a cute, belly friendly treat to bring to a Fourth of July barbecue, give this Red […]

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AIP Protein Shamrock Shake

March means Shamrock Shakes are back at McDonald’s.  To be completely honest, I have never had one.  I cannot say I am all that upset about it since there is so much junk in them. Warning: if you like Shamrock Shakes and would like to keep enjoying them in the future, stop reading here. Thankfully, after […]

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Perfect Paleo Chocolate Mug Cake (GF, DF)

perfect paleo chocolate mug cake

Let’s be real, we all have chocolate cravings. Unless you’re one of those people who doesn’t like chocolate.  If so, I’m sorry, because you are missing out on a whole bunch of deliciousness.  Crave no more, this paleo chocolate mug cake is perfect. In less than 3 minutes, you can spoon some chocolatey goodness into […]

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